February 28, 2017

national parks themed baby quilt

A good friend of mine from college is having a baby boy. She's planning a national parks theme with lots of grey and yellow for the baby's nursery. Finding fabric locally was challenging. However, I think I nailed it. I kept her color pallet in mind, and did my best to find prints that went along with the national parks theme. I love the yellows in this quilt and I'm really excited to make something with the leftovers.

This quilt was made with love, and I hope baby "H" enjoys rolling around, spitting up, pooing and cooing all over it. 😄

February's Musing

This month was a mixed bag of emotions. 

We kept things simple for Valentine's Day. Lucas was getting over a cold, and Alara was waking up several times during the night happily gracing us with her presence. My husband and I were happy with an easy day and quiet evening. 

Speaking of Husbands, mine turned thirty-one on the 18th. I have the hardest time finding the perfect gift for him. He is hard to shop for. Half of what he wants I have no idea what it is or where to find it. He is also the biggest snoop ever. Surprising him is hard. So, even if I did find the perfect gift I'm sure that by the time his birthday rolled around he would have already peeked. So instead of a gift, I arranged for a poker game night and Carne Asada dinner with his buddies. 

My husband's Grandfather passed away this month. He was in his 90's and had lived a long and happy life. During the funeral, my husband spoke. I was so proud of him and what he chose to say about his Grandfather and legacy as a Harrison. 

In between rainstorms, the kiddos and I have been able to get outside and enjoy the parks around town. Lucas has become such a social butterfly and plays nicely with boys/girls his age. No matter where we go, he is always making friends. He walks up to kids, politely introduces himself and asks to play. Alara is able to do more at the parks too. I don't have to go up in the play equipment anymore. She's growing up too fast. 

I finally got a library card. I feel so official. My drivers licenses has my Riverside address, but for some reason getting a library card felt more official...nothing says "I'm a member of this community" than a library card. 

I am looking forward to introducing my kids to the wonderful world of books.   

I'm going to take the month of March off. If all goes well...I'll explain why later. 

...till next time...

February 14, 2017

A Simple Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from our family to yours. This year we are keeping things simple. With Lucas getting over a cold, and Alara keeping us up all night for who knows what reason, my husband and I are happy with an easy day and quiet evening. However, I did have some Valentine's Day fun with the kiddos as we made cards, played in our backyard and baked tasty treats for family and friends.

February 10, 2017

star wars pillows cases

Made these pillow covers for my Star Wars fanboy today.  He picked out the fabric himself and patiently waited (but asking ever five seconds) for me to finally get around to sew. It's hard to see in the picture, but I love the grey tones with pops of orange in fabric. It is perfect for what I have planned for his updated big boy room.