May 29, 2013

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend flew by too quickly. The weather was beautiful. To kick things off, my husband decided to repair the sprinklers in our backyard. I snapped this picture of Lucas helping his Daddy. I'm surprised Denny didn't jump in for a photo bomb. He usually does.  While father and son worked, I was able to do some gardening myself. I'm excited to watch my baby plants to a few months the back yard is going to look beautiful.

 Sabbath was spent at the beach. The plan was to stay and build a fire, but by the time we arrived the pits were all taken. We made due with a picnic instead. It was also our friend Tyler's birthday. Sara, made some delicious cupcakes and cake balls.

 On Monday, Lucas went swimming for the first time. I wasn't sure how he would handle being in a swimming pool. He loves the bathtub, and the hose, but a swimming pool was uncharted territory. I worried for nothing...He loved the pool. He splashed and kicked around having a blast. I'm so thankful that Lucas isn't afraid of the water.  However, his lack of fear scares me...and I'm going to need to be extra careful whenever we are around the water. Swimming lessons are a must!

May 24, 2013

Lucas is asleep. Husband is fed. The house is mostly...(and I use this term loosely)...clean. My day is over, and boy was it a busy one. This morning, I decided to get a jump start on my day by going to the gym. Earlier this week I downloaded the Nike Training App on my phone and I have to say I really like it. Workouts are divided by fitness goals and by fitness level. Once the fitness goal and level is chosen, the app will provide a list of workouts to meet those goals. The workouts are guided, with detailed step-by-step instructions for optimal results. What I really like about the Nike Training App is that it doesn't require a whole lot of equipment. If I miss a gym day I am still able to complete a workout in the comfort of my living room.

My car is out of commission. After my morning workout, red faced, sweaty and really thirsty, I stood there in the gym parking lot for at least fifteen to twenty minutes trying to unlock and deactivate my car alarm. It was embarrassing. I hate the sound of car alarms. It aggravating, the worst sound ever. Thankfully, after frantically pressing the unlock button several times over and over, the car unlocked and I was able to get out of there and back home. My car is now chilling in the garage...without a door handle, but still alarmed....

I'm not a fan of dirty grout. Who really is? I found this grout cleaning recipe on pinterest. I'm happy to report that this concoction works! After Lucas's birthday party, my husband's graduation luncheon and the everyday wear and tear on my kitchen tile floor, the grout needed a scrubbin'. This recipe is cheep to make and the results are great.

Lastly, today my little man is 13 months! Yikes, where has the time gone?

May 19, 2013

one proud wife...

On Saturday, I proudly watched as my husband marched with his graduating class down the aisle to receive his diploma. He wasn't too excited about participating in the ceremony. However, it was important to me that he participate. I wanted the pictures, the memories and to have our family and friends there to celebrate with us. Finishing law school, earning a Juris Doctorate degree is a big deal! My husband worked hard for it, and I'm proud of him. :) 

May 4, 2013

and may the 4th be with you...

Happy Sabbath, and happy May the 4th be with you day...

Lucas and I kicked off Star Wars Day by reading Star Wars: 1,2,3 and Darth Vader and Son early this morning.
His newest word of the month is "bish" and "ba" which means book. The more we read together, the more he enjoys it. The order of event are: 1) Lucas finds his favorite book (currently it is Go,Go, Cars and Abraham). 2) Lucas presents the chosen "bish" to Mamma. 3) Mamma and Lucas sit down together. 4) Lucas narrates the story with his own babble while Mamma reads and 5) Lucas and Mamma cuddle for five seconds before Lucas is up and moving again...I take what I can get. lol.

My husband and I spent the rest of the day with friends celebrating May the 4th be with you (yes, we are that nerdy). In honor of the day, I wore my hair up in Princess Leia buns, played a Star Wars RPG, and baked a Sarlacc pit cake. My husband did the decorating, and I wish I had taken pictures. It looked great and tasted delicious.