March 29, 2016

sewing for my baby girl

How can sewing be relaxing and frustrating at the same time? To practice my sewing skills I decided to make this simple top for my baby girl. Here's where I found the original pattern and directions for the top.  

March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Is it just me or do holiday weekends always go by faster? With everything we had going on Easter weekend I needed a day in-between Sunday and Monday just to recover. Our family spent Easter Sunday with my parents at their home. It was a beautiful day. At first Lucas was hesitant to try coloring the eggs. However, after much coaxing he gave it a go. Turns out he's not a fan of egg dying - but I'm proud of him for at least trying. 

Easter is one of my favorite holidays and not because of the candy, delicious brunches and egg hunts. It is a time of growth when the earth comes alive again with flowers, budding leaves, and tiny shoots of green grass. Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection and life of my savior Jesus Christ. The one who paid the biggest price of all so I might live again. For that I am grateful.    

March 19, 2016

Riley's Farm Field Trip

I took a trip down memory lane and took the kiddos on a field trip to Riley's Farm. As a girl, my parents took my sisters and I on homeschool field trips to Riley's farm. We would dress up in pioneer dresses, wear bonnets and go in character. I have many fond memories of making apple cider, working at the cabin and dancing the Virginia Reel. When my mom mentioned that her homeschool group was going to Riley's and asked if I wanted to come I of course said yes! How could I not pass up  the chance to let Lucas experience pioneer life. 

For this field trip we did the gold rush adventure. The local miners (employees of Riley's) did an excellent job of teaching the kids about life as prospectors. They started the adventure by doing a short reenactment, then took the kids through the mining camp and demonstrated what we would be doing for the day. After the tour and demonstration, the local miners turned the kids loose to get supplies, and to start panning for "gold." 

 Lucas enjoyed himself. He did chores to earn enough "money" to buy tools to pan for gold, turned his "gold" into paper money at the bank and then headed up to the mines to look for more "gold." Although we didn't strike it rich, it was a fun day and we hope to come back and try some of the other living history adventures Riley's has to offer. 

March 6, 2016

Alara @ 9 months

Alara @ 9 month 
  • Alara loves spending time outside. She enjoys playing in our empty kiddy pool, cruising around in the X-wing ( a walker) and crawling in the grass. When Alara wants to go outside she will crawl over to the backdoor, stand and press her chubby hands hands against the glass  and will say "go." Its adorable. 
  • She is a foodie! Alara loves to eat and is willing to try anything I give her. This is a new experience for me. Older brother isn't interested in eating and or trying new foods. Alara wants to try everything I eat. 
  • She is trying to stand up on her own. Throughout the day I'll watch her let go of the couch and stand for a few seconds before plopping back down in a sitting position. 
  • She grew out of the infant bathtub. 
  • She is sleeping better and wakes up about once per night...and sometimes even will sleep through the night.