June 30, 2015

the challenges of sewing with a toddler and a baby..

I thought that I'd attempt a simple sewing project this week. Something easy and quick that I could finish in an afternoon. However, with a toddler wanting to "help" sew, and a fussy baby my simple afternoon project turned into a week long ordeal. 

Meet my adorable little helpers. Aren't they cute? 

I've been wanting to refresh Lucas's favorite pillow for months now. This pillow serves many purposes - sleeping, playing, a bunker to hide behind, a landing strip for airplanes and at times tossing practice. The original fabric was worn out and needed to be replaced, but the pillow itself was in good condition. I wanted something bright and fun for him. So, on Monday I bravely loaded up my car and took both kids to the fabric store. Luckily it was a quick trip...you never know how long it will take at the fabric store. Between finding the right fabric, having it cut and checking out...a quick trip can easily turn into something else. And is it me or are the lines at Joann's always slow? 

June 27, 2015

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker

"Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site"  is a wonderful picture book for boys and girls who love big machinery. The author tells a story of how after a long hard day of "rough and tough construction play" it is time for the machines to "end their fun" and go to bed. As each machine ends their day and prepares for bed; readers get to say goodnight creating just the right atmosphere for bedtime.

The illustrations are fantastic. Using a muted color palette, the illustrator created a world with a classic old fashion feel. I love the attention to detail - from the crane with a nightlight to the cement truck getting a bedtime bath.

Between the cute story, and beautiful illustrations this book has it all!

June 16, 2015

I did something this morning that said that I'd never do...

...rescue kittens...

I'm not a cat person. Growing up we had several indoor house cats. That experience cured me of ever wanting a cat for my own. I don't like the smell of cats, kitty litter, kitty food and or claw marks on furniture!

While walking this morning, Lucas and I heard tiny pitiful mewing sounds coming from an orange tree that we were passing by. Looking up, I saw two kittens about six to eight weeks old clinging to the thin branches of the tree. As much as I don't like cats, I couldn't leave the kittens. I stopped the stroller, reached up in the tree and pulled the kittens free. Lucas was thrilled to be rescuing kittens! He firmly believes that firefighters have two jobs - to fight fires and to rescue kittens.

As the kittens follow us home all I could think about was...

"What am I doing!?"
"What is Richard going to say"
"Am I crazy?"
"I wonder if my sister will want some kittens?"

Now I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do with two adorable kittens. Our neighbor gave me a list of places that might shelter the kittens. However, currently they have made my backyard their home. Our dog is curious, but cautious. Full size cats scare him.

I'm hoping my post on facebook will entice a kitty friendly family or individual  to adopt the kittens.

Any takers? They are cuties! 

June 12, 2015

Alara's birth story

Our home has grown by two feet. I'm excited to announce the birth of our daughter - Alara Elizabeth Harrison. She was born June 6th, at 12:24 am. She weighted 6 lbs 9 oz. She is beautiful, with ten perfect little fingers and ten perfect little toes.

In my last week of pregnancy, I honestly didn't think Alara would ever come! I was overdue by five days and getting anxious. At my weekly appointments, I remained consistently dilated between one to two centimeters, never progressing more than that. I started taking extra long walks hoping to speed things up. 

Friday evening I started getting contractions about 20-30 minutes apart. I causally mentioned this to my husband, and we both agreed not to panic and wait to see if the contractions get closer and stronger. About an hour later, I was having contractions about 10-15 minutes apart. By then I knew that this was the real deal, but we waited until my contractions were about 5 minutes apart before heading to the hospital at 11 pm. 

The plan was to have an epidural. However, Alara had other plans. By the time I was hooked up to the monitors, administered IV's and had my blood drawn it was to late for an epidural. My water finally broke and Alara was born. 

After Alara was born, the midwife immediately placed her skin to skin on my chest. I had completely forgotten how wonderful it is to snuggle with a newborn. She nursed for the first time and latched like a champ, which was a big relief after my experience with nursing Lucas as a newborn. 

The next morning, Dadi and Dada brought Lucas to meet his new baby sister. So far his transition from only child to big brother has been smooth. 

I don't want to jinks it, but Alara has been such a good natured baby.

I know that the next couple of weeks will be challenging.   We are adjusting from being a family of three to a family of four. However, I wouldn't change it for anything. Welcome to our family Alara, we are blessed to have you and can't wait to see what the future holds.