June 18, 2012

summer's a comin

It's going to be a busy summer!

We're buying a house! The tentative move in date is somewhere around July 4th. I've already started thinking about paint colors, window treatments and how I want to arrange the furniture. Between pinterest and HGTV online I have collect ideas for just about every room in the house. It's a four bedroom house, with full master bedroom and bath, newly refurbished kitchen, a large open living room and large (for a house in the city) backyard. With my husband working at Pine Springs Ranch, much of the packing and moving will be left to me. I have already rallied my Dad, brother-in-law and father-in-law for assistance.

Summer camp 2012 has officially started. Today was the first full day of staff training. Is it just me or are the staff getting younger each year? Lucas was well received. I think he could be in the running for camp hottie! :)

This summer is going to be different. Camp without my Dad isn't the same. Camp isn't the same now that I am no longer apart of the leadership team. I am not sure how I feel about sitting out on the sidelines. I walked into 227 tonight. Everyone was setting up their work spaces, chatting about camp and about the staff. I don't think that I am ready to admit that I have become an outsider.

On a brighter note I do have great plans for myself. I want to start swimming again. I need to make a trip to San Diego to see my bestie. I have a wardrobe that needs to be updated and I have a sewing machine to play with.

All in all...not a bad way to start my summer. 

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