January 6, 2014

Roadwork by Sally Sutton

"Roadwork" by Sally Sutton is a fantastic book about the process of building a road. My son received this book as a Christmas present. He loves the colorful illustrations, the different types of machinery and the fun action "sounds" on each page. I've read this book so many times (my all time record was sixteen in one sitting) that I have it committed to memory.

It takes a lot of work, people and heavy machinery to build a road. From surveying the location, to clearing a pathway, to spreading and flatting the tar, to planting and hanging up the lights, this book tells it all.

The text is simple and easy to read. My son loves the action "sounds" at the end of every page - "Gulp! Slurp! Crunch!" - what little boy doesn't love silly sounds!

The illustrations are bright and accurately portray the actions in the text. I like that male and female characters are equally represented in the illustrations.

This book is excellent and I highly recommend it for for preschool readers.

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