March 1, 2014

rain and shopping

Has winter finally arrived? This weekend ushered in the rain, and I'm not complaining. All afternoon Lucas kept asking to "go see shower." He loved jumping in mud puddles, and splashing around in the rain. As much as I am enjoy the much needed rain, I do need my backyard to be ready for next weekend's party.  

Thursday, my Mother and I accomplished the near impossible. We took four boys, under the age five, to Hobby Lobby for a bridal shower shopping extravaganza. With half off sale signs plastered throughout the wedding section of the store, I knew that it was now or never to score the best deals for this upcoming party.  And score we did! We were able get everything for the party, and left the store feeling accomplished and exhausted. Our shopping carts became choo choo trains and the aisle-ways became freeways. While in line, the woman behind us couldn't help but exclaim "look at all those boys, you two are brave." I had to laugh. It wasn't easy, but we managed it...somehow.

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