May 22, 2015

the waiting game...or confessions of a venting pregnant mamma...

I've made it to the end of 38 weeks and still no sign of baby Alara's grand arrival. I'd post a picture of my pregnant self, but honestly I'm not in the mood to photograph my large protruding stomach, round face, swollen hands and feet and out of shape thighs. I'm not a fan of being pregnant and I'm looking forward to putting these days behind me.

I'm not trying to sound ungrateful about the little one growing inside of me. I'm beyond thankful that I have a healthy baby girl on the way. However, I'm tired, my back is sore, my hips are sore, and if I have to hear my husband make beeping sounds (the kind that semi trucks make when backing up) I might just loose it!

...And I've been having nightmares of my water breaking somewhere public! For an the middle of the grocery store...or maybe at Target...

I'm ready to hold my baby girl.

I'm ready to kiss her cheeks.

 I'm ready to rock her to sleep.

I'm ready.

To keep myself busy, I've been nesting like crazy! I've done more Goodwill runs this past week then I've done in the last several months. I've been trying to think projects that I should try and finish before Alara's arrival. I've put the finishing touches on Alara's nursery, I've cleaned up the front yard, trimmed wayward plants, pulled weeds, walked the dog, cleaned out the closets and worked on reorganizing several of our random cupboards.

I'm ready.

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