October 6, 2015

four months

Four Months:

  • Alara is such a busy girl! She is wiggling and squirming all around her play mat. If I set her down on her back within seconds she's rolled over and moving about.  
  • She is taking interest in toys. Her two favorite toys are Sophie the giraffe and this other giraffe that she received as a baby shower gift.   
  • She is sleeping through the night..with a few exceptions here and there. 
  • She is starting to outgrow her smaller 3 month clothing. 
  • She loves to be held forward facing. The world is an interesting place! 
  • Her giggles are adorable! 
  • Her feet are ticklish!   
  • She does not enjoy long car trip. Anything over twenty minutes and she will cry. On family trips I usually will sit in the back seat with her..sometimes that helps and sometimes it doesn't. Lucas has started to cover his ears when she cries. 
  • She smiles at most people...family, friends and some strangers...usually grandmas.... 
  • Her relationship with Daddy has improved greatly! 

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