January 6, 2016

seven months

Alara @ seven months 
  • She is crawling and pulling herself up into a standing position. Alara works hard to keep up with Lucas and her Mama. She follows us around the house. If she falls too far behind she starts fussing. I haven't pulled out the baby gates, but I foresee that happening soon. 
  • She's still not sleeping through the night. On a good night she will wake up twice, however on a bad night she will wake up three to four times. 
  • She is napping in her crib, but still sleeps in our room during the night. 
  • She enjoys trying new foods. Alara's favorite foods are peaches, apple sauce and tasty samples of Mama's smoothies. 
  • She loves spending time outside. Alara is happiest outside on a warm day playing in her saucer or crawling around on Lucas's Paw-Patrol mat.

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