May 12, 2016

DIY wall rack

After weeks of tripping over Lucas's backpacks I decided it was time to get organize. I won this wood wall rack with shaker pegs when I was about twelve years old at a 4-H horse show. My twelve year old self didn't have a need for a wood wall rack and thought the prize was a waste. I had wanted the camping chair. And honestly I don't blame myself for wanting a camping over a wood wall rack.  

Until about a week ago, the rejected rack sat collecting dust in my Mom's storage shed. After giving it a good sanding, replacing the missing pegs and a couple coats of traffic cone orange paint this wall rack looks as good as new. Lucas was a big help with the sanding and gluing. He took great pride in helping make something for his room. 

I'm happy with how this project turned out. Fingers crossed that it holds up to everyday use and that those backpacks and bow stay off the floor and on the wall. 

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