July 18, 2016

Philippians 4:13

Being a stay-at-home-mom has its rewards and its challenges. This week I feel as if there have been more challenges then rewards. The kids have had too many long days and late nights in a row. They are tired, cranky and in need of a solid nights rest. 

...or maybe I am in need of a solid nights rest...and Jesus...or both.  

When I am tired, I get emotional.  And a tired emotional Mama + tired cranky kids = meltdowns all around! 

Hurray for early bedtime!! And Jesus. 

Last night during dinner, offspring #1 had a huge meltdown. Apparently his royal highness did not care for the cuisine chosen for the evening. His meltdown effected offspring #2 causing distress all around. Instead of handling things like a rational loving person, I found myself becoming rather ragey. It wasn't my best moment as a parent. But in my defense offspring #1 had been having meltdowns all afternoon and offspring #2 was feeling particularly clingy. In addition, my husband had called earlier letting me know that he was stuck in traffic and would be late. 

Later that evening I couldn't stop thinking about how I should have handled the dinner meltdown differently. I replayed the events in my head, analyzing what I should and shouldn't have done. I started to compare myself to other Mamas. I allowed my insecurities to take over. 

It is in the moments like the "Great Dinner Meltdown of 16'" when I just need to stop, take a deep breath and repeat Philippians 4:13 out loud over and over again. 

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" 

It is easy to become overwhelmed as a Mama of two little ones. I'm sure one day I'll look back and laugh and even miss the crazy dinnertime chaos.

Until then...

I'll keep pressing.
I'll keep praying. 
And I'll repeat Philippians 4:13 as many times as needed. 

Good Night. 

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  1. I used to call those times moments of "ungrace"--when I, with or without God's help, couldn't overcome and it was just downright ugly. Maybe because I'm slightly removed now from the unique crazy of mothering very small children, or maybe because I've had some time to think about it more, I've chosen to reframe those ugly times (which still occur, minus the very small people) in a more positive light. So this is what I think, now that I am less inclined to expect rescue from the storm...sometimes survival is grace.

    Keep on keeping on, keep on holding on. xo