October 6, 2016

16 months

My sweet baby Alara is 16 months today. It's been a while since I did a baby update, so bear with me. 
  • Her favorites activities are climbing - the more dangerous the better, pillaging purses and exploring the backyard. 
  • She loves to sing. It's a talent that she didn't get from me. 
  • She loves animals. All animals are "bow-bows." I really hope that she likes horses too. I'm looking forward to introducing Alara to the wonderful world of horseback riding. 
  • Her favorite toys to play with are stuffed animals.
  • She adores her brother. 
  • She has a scrappy side. I've already had to pull her away from her brother several times...she grabs his hair, bats at him and when she doesn't get her way she'll cry loudly. 
  • She can say "Mama" "Daddy" "Ball" "Go" "Uh, Oh"  " Stuck" and "Bye-Bye" 

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