August 13, 2012

Adventures @ PSR pt. 2

As promised, here are more pictures from my adventures at PSR camp. Lucas got to spend time with his Aunties and Grandma at McCall's Park in Mountain Center.  Every summer, during Tween Camp and Teen Camp my mom takes a group of ten to sixteen people on the horseback trip. McCall's Park is "a park committed to equestrian camping and is one of the few parks that center its attention on trails and open spaces for equestrians and their horses."  (Quoted directly from McCall's Web Site.) The camp ground has small individual corrals for the horses, as well as hitching rails and water troughs. In addition, for human campers the park offers showers and a covered canopy for shelter. It's overall a nice park for horse camping. 


 My husband enjoys leading out in worship on Friday nights. The Friday night Pageant is one of PSR's most special programs. The Pageant play is set to music as the cast act out the scenes (pantomime). The program is designed to share Christ's love with the audience. At the end of the play the camp pastor will come forward and give a short homily and alter call. Camp is where many young people give or rededicate their lives for Christ for the first time.
Campers and Staff alike participating in worship.  

I shot this from across the camp pond. 

 Lucas has discovered this thumbs. He is becoming quite the thumb sucker. Here he is posing during tummy time Sabbath morning.

For the last Saturday Night @ the Ranch we had a special guest come and perform a concert. Charmaine Carrasco is an upcoming Christian artist. Using up-beat tunes, catchy lyrics; Charmaine is able to minister to young people and share Christ's love through her music.  

The Harrison Family came to visit us and see Charmaine sing. 

On the final day of camp, it rained. 


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