September 1, 2012

Home Life

Camp is over, we are back from vacation; it is time to get back on schedule. Last weekend after we got home, my husband and I decided to adopt a three month old Queensland Healer puppy. Denny is now the newest member of our family. He has an abundance of energy, enjoys chewing of socks, chasing rubber balls and exploring the backyard. Queensland are smart dogs. They need mental stimulation, or else they will become board and will cause trouble. I have been working with Denny on and off the leash. I'm hopping for a well behaved future running buddy.

I had several interesting conversations this week. It is frustrating when family and friends make ignorant assumptions about me. Most of the time, I don't know or understand the logic behind their assumptions. One friend assumed that I was going to let my husband vote for me in the upcoming presidential election. Someone else assumed that because I am Seventh-Day-Adventist, that I wasn't going to vaccinate Lucas. I enjoy wearing jeans. This resulted in someone assuming that because I enjoy wearing jeans, that I should sell my car and buy a mini-can. Lastly, it was assumed that I would be decorating my home in a "stereotypical Indian style." Apparently, because I married an Indian, my home now must reflect a stereotypical Indian home. I am not sure what a stereotypical Indian home looks like. Hindu gods? Elephants? Incenses? Bright colors? Gold and red with lots of ornate objects? I'm not really sure.

Speaking of home decor, last night I spent hours hunting for inspiration on pinterest, deign blogs and web sites. My goal is to create a home that is inviting, cohesive and functional. Due to budget restrains, this project will develop over time...I am patient...and a firm believer that good things come  to people who wait. Hopefully, by Christmas time or sooner I'll have at least the living and kitchen finished.

For my birthday I was given a sewing machine. It is similar to the one I used at camp. I foresee many fun projects in the near future. Look out wardrobe. If it hasn't been worn in at least 6 months its fair game for a little refashioning. :)

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