November 8, 2012

baby gates and scrap booking

Rainy days are perfect for staying in, baking, drinking hot tea and for scrap booking. I finished my first book, and I am quite proud of it. The book documents my first year as a married women, ending with the birth of my son. Scrap booking is therapeutic. I enjoy putting on some music or a movie and simply allowing myself to become lost in the creative process of documenting memories. I will use just about anything to enhance a scrapbook page: ticket stubs, ribbons, maps, stickers and pretty paper (just to name a few). I can spend many hours (and many dollars) on scrap booking. Below I have posted a few of my favorite scrap book pages from my first book.

Honeymoon Time :)

Newborn Page

One Month
Notice the main character in the pictures? Lucas has dominated my book. I didn't realize how many pictures I have taken of him until it was time to sort through and make prints of the best ones.

Baby gates are life savers! Lucas is crawling everywhere, standing of everything and enjoys going places where it is not safe. Prior to buying baby gates, I made walls with the ottoman furniture, diaper boxes and giant over stuffed pillows. This lasted for a day before Lucas realized that pillows can be climbed, and the ottoman could be chewed. With the baby gates I am actually able to get stuff done again.

Happy baby = happy Mommy  

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