December 3, 2012

Tis' the season..

Our family kicked off the holiday season with two yummy thanksgiving dinners, several family photo shoots and a trip to the San Diego Zoo. This year I have so much to be thankful for. We have a house, my husband is about to graduate from Law School, our son is healthy, and we have our family and friends. Growing up my Mom had a thanksgiving tradition of writing what we are thankful for on a special table cloth. This table cloth only came out during the holiday season. It is neat looking back and reading all the different things I have been thankful for in the past twenty-something years. One of my favorite entries written on the table cloth was when I was seven years old. I wrote that I was thankful "that my barbies did not burn up in the fire." Yup, I had my priorities. I've decided to keep this tradition in my own home. I feel that it is a way for our family to keep record of all the things we have been and are still thankful for.

While my Thanksgiving dinner was digesting, I decided that it was time to finish my Christmas stockings. I'm really happy with how the stockings turned out. I found the pattern here on Diary of a Quilter. I still want to add our names to the stockings, along with some decorations. At first my husband wasn't interested in my project. That was until he realized that JoAnn's had Star Wars fabric. :) And as you can see, although I had originally envisioned cute Christmas boys ended up with their Star Wars stockings. 

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