December 10, 2012

events of the week

On Friday, Denny went to visit the vet. It was a sad day for our sweet  puppy. But, as responsible pet owners, we all knew that this day would come. Once Denny got home, my husband put the cone-of-shame on. At first, Denny refused to move while wearing the cone-of-shame. He backed into a corner and just stood there with the saddest expression on his little face. His poor head hung low. All you could see was his little black nose peaking out. In Denny's mind, his life was over and he was doomed to walk this earth with limited visibility and in discomfort. It only took about a day for Denny to adjusted to his new attire. Four more days until the cone-of-shame can officially retire, until then, we all get to listen as Denny bumps around scrapping the plastic cone around the backyard running into stationary objects.

On Sunday I decided to take Lucas outside for a quick seventh month photo shoot. After about twenty-something shots, he finally smiled. The picture on the left was taken in his room just before bath time. He wasn't in the mood for smiling then either. Sigh. I'll try again on another day.  

Here is our mantle all decorated for Christmas. Hubby built a fire and everything looked cozy. Hot coco anyone? With just two more weeks until Christmas, I still have lots to do. I have a few last minute Christmas shopping items that I need to pick up, gifts to wrap and baking to do. 

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