January 12, 2013

Spray Painting Picture Frames

I have a rather large stack of old mismatched picture frames. Most of the frames are a light oak,  scratched pine and an assortment of oddly colored plastic and metal.

 Here is one of the plastic frames that I used. First, I removed the glass panel from the back of the frame and set it aside. Next, with a damp cloth I wiped the frame down removing all dust. I placed the frame on the newspaper. I did the painting outside in my back yard. It was a perfect day for painting - no wind and lots of sun. I wanted to avoid using the garage due to the toxic fumes produced by the spray paint.

Here is the frame after I painted it. The metal and plastic frames needed one heavy coat and just a light second coat for touch ups. The wood frames (especially the oak) needed two or three coats of paint. I gave the frames several hours to dry. The paint can recommends allowing the paint to dry for a full 24 hours. I'd recommend following the directions on the can. I had to do a few touch ups due to my impatience.  

Two more frames that I painted. The frames are made from oak. 

The finished product.
My next project is to paint the wall.

Slowly but surely, my cozy starter home is becoming my dream home. :) One step @ a time.

Supplies I used:
Picture frames - used ones I already had ($0)
One can of spray paint -  Rust-Oleum 249854 Painter's Touch Multi-Purpose Spray Paint, Satin Midnight Blue, 12-Ounce ($7.15)
Prints/Photos - used ones I already had ($0)

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