January 19, 2013

Happy Sabbath

Today the weather finally decided to mellow out and warm up. The past couple of days have been windy. I've never been a fan of windy days. Maybe a gentle breeze, but not the wind. The wind dries out my skin, gets dust in my eyes and I walk around feeling like a dehydrated cactus. I took advantage of the good weather and decided to take Lucas outside for a quick photo shoot. He's a week away from being 9 months, and I want to document his growth.

He wasn't all that cooperative. Instead of posing and smiling like I wanted, he wanted to crawl around the blanket in search of grass to eat. I soon gave up trying to take outdoor pictures, and moved inside.

Lucas is getting so tall! His list of accomplishments are growing. The most recent accomplishment is walking unassisted. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a picture of him standing and walking all by himself. 

Wednesday was Lucas's 9 month well baby visit. Thankfully, he only had two shots. Its horrible to watch as his little faces reddens and  balls up, with tears streaming down his cheeks and his poor little cries come pouring out of his mouth with the discomfort of shots. It was over soon enough and thankfully he didn't cry all the way out of the Doctor's office.

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