July 15, 2013

our trip to psr

On Sabbath, our family packed up the car and drove up the mountain to Pine Springs Ranch. This will be the first summer in years where both my husband and I are not working at camp. PSR will always have a special place in my heart. For those of you who don't know, I met my husband at PSR. I was sixteen years old, working as a horseback riding instructor and wrangler. My husband worked full time in the kitchen and part time in the horse department. We briefly met during the first week of staff training when he walked down with some other girl to the horse department.
Did I know at sixteen that this was the man I was going to marry??? Nope. In fact, my first impression of him wasn't a good one. I remember that I was sitting outside under the porch cleaning saddles. I was with my best friend and sisters. I introduced myself to my husband and his friend. We exchanged small talk, I learned that we attending the same church and had sat in the same Sabbath school program. After that I honestly don't remember him very well. 

 About half way through the summer, I was assigned to gate duty (a boring assignment where a staff member will check in and out guests at the front gate). That morning, my husband was late to work (he overslept), which annoyed his coworkers. After breakfast, he needed to get away for a while and agreed to join me for gate duty. We spent the entire morning talking and getting to know each other. After my shift was over, we went our separate ways....or so I thought. About a week before camp was over, my husband and I started talking again and spending our free time together...and well..

Nine years later we were married. 
After that Lucas joined our family. 
And now we get to enjoy PSR as a family with our friends. 

A little about our day...

On the way up the mountain, I got a text reminding me that we needed to have an L-team 2010 photo shoot. That summer was a good summer. I made some great friends, amazing memories and learned a lot. I'm so thankful for this group of people and I'm looking forward to creating many new memories with them. 
Leadership Team 2010
Leadership Team 2010
Top - 2010
Bottom - 2013
We still got it!!! 

Lucas is helping out by cleaning the tepee. 

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