July 15, 2014

Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

After blazing through Words of Radiance, I'm left with wanting more. Unfortunately, the next book - Stones Unhallowed - won't be finished until Spring 2016. This book was hard to review.  There's so much in it, and so much I could talk about. Kaladin is now the captain of the royal guards. Jasnah's death leaves Shallan to make her own way to the Shattered Plains and Dalinar is desperately trying to hold the kingdom together. And on top of everything else the Assassin in White is back!

Each book in the Stormlight Archive focuses on one particular character. In Words of Radiance the narrative is focused around Shallan's story. I liked Shallan's character. I was impressed with her ability to take what little she knew about Lightweaving and Pattern, and be able to use both to her advantage. Shallan's back story was fascinating and yet painful to read. It explained a lot about her character, and how her life's experiences in the end helped shaped her lightweaving ability.

A special thanks goes to Andrew Harrison for introducing The Stormlight Archive to me.

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