August 3, 2014

Our Trip to PSR

We celebrated my husband's first bar exam free weekend by heading up to Pine Springs Ranch. About one year ago, Pine Springs Ranch was forced to evacuate due to a wildfire. This would be our first visit after the fire and we were curious to see the changes. This place will always have a special spot in my heart. I was happy to see that with the winter and spring rain, many of the small shrubs and native plants were growing back. Its going to take years before the mountain is covered in pines again, but I did noticed that many small trees had been planted all around camp.

The weather was perfect...cloudy and cool...with an added bonus of rain off and on all day. I'm so thankful that at the last minute I grabbed jackets for Lucas and myself.....unfortunately I did forget Richard's jacket on the kitchen table. 

He was a trooper. 

 Lucas had a blast playing in the mud, jumping in water puddles and kicking pine cones. Camp is his new favorite place.  

One of the buildings that burned down was the fort. The new fort is much bigger, with high walls and stronger gates. In addition to being a place for night programs, the new fort has been designed as an outdoor sleeping area. On a hot summer's night, I could definitely see campers enjoying sleeping out under the stars.  

We ended the day with Saturday Night @ the Ranch where Richard rocked the house on his guitar! It was good to see him back on stage in his element singing about Herman the Pig.  :) 

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