September 6, 2015

Alara is 3 months old

Alara at three month 
  • Alara's two biggest accomplishments this month are lifting her head during tummy time and cooing! 
  • She strongly dislikes long car trips. Alara considers anything over twenty minutes to be a long trip. After about twenty minutes in the car she starts fussing, then screaming. I've learned to plan my errands carefully around nap time or just stay home and shop from Amazon. 
  • She is a natural-born snuggler! 
  • She is such a Harrison! Her farts keep big brother entertained for hours. 
  • Speaking of big brother..Alara watches Lucas like a hawk. She follows him with her eyes and will often rotate her head to get a better view. 
  • I've heard her laugh twice and it is a wonderful sound! 
  • She prefers to suck on her middle and ring finger than use a paci. 
  • She tries so hard to roll over! 
  • She loves bath time. 
  • Alara has blessed me with several full nights of sleep! I'm crossing my fingers that her sleeping through the night becomes a more permanent thing. If not..I'll take what I can get. 

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