February 14, 2016

13 random things I love about my husband

It's Valentine's Day. My valentine...my husband...is the most amazing person in the world. This will be our 13th Valentine's Day together. On our first Valentine's Day, my husband gave me a black teddy bear puppy. And..I didn't give him anything in return. This sad tale is one that he enjoys retelling over and over again..

Since then I've given my fair share of gifts...including a second teddy bear puppy and heart boxers. :)

To celebrate our 13th Valentine's Day together I wanted to share 13 random reasons why I love my husband:
  1. He works hard so I can stay home with our kiddos. 
  2. He is a great dad. I love watching him play with our kids. It makes my heart smile. 
  3. He can still surprise me. Example...the roses in the picture above! 
  4. He know so many random facts. He's my go-to guy for information. 
  5. He is fun to play table top games with! Yes, he is competitive..but he makes it fun. 
  6. He can fix anything. And if he doesn't know how to fix something he knows where to look for information on how to fix it. 
  7. He doesn't like dark chocolate. I do. More for me. :)
  8. He is slow to anger and quick to forgive. 
  9. I love how we can talk about so many different thing. After all these years we still have things to talk about. 
  10. He gives the best back massages. 
  11. He graciously puts up with all my crazy DIY ideas for our home. Yes, there is a lot of eye rolling and signing..but he usually comes around.  
  12. He plays the guitar.  
  13. He gives the warmest and best hugs. 
Happy Valentine's Day my love. 

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