June 28, 2016

good bye spring, hello summer

This week was a busy one for our family. The kiddos had VBS every evening from 6-8 pm. By the end of the week we were all exhausted! This year our church did a deep sea discovery theme for VBS. The sanctuary and lesson rooms were decorated with lots of sea life, a submarine and a coral reef. In addition, the Bible lessons, crafts and game activities were tied into the theme as well. It was well done. I loved seeing the amount of energy and creativity that was put into the program by all of the volunteers and pastoral staff. 

The kids did better than I thought they would with the late nights and high stimulation. This was our first summer of going every night. Previous summers I would take Lucas every other night, or maybe two or three nights before he was done! However, this summer we went every night and stayed until the end.

I loved watching Lucas engage with his counselors, participate in the games and crafts and sing his little heart out during worship. The difference between this summer and last summer is amazing! He is actually old enough to get something out of participating. By the second night, he asked to sit all by himself with his favorite counselor. Not sure how I felt about that. I'm not ready for him to be off on his own!! 


Wish me luck when I explain that VBS is over until next year!

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