June 6, 2016

happy 1st birthday Alara

My beautiful baby girl turns one today.  It feels like just yesterday that we were bringing our tiny newborn home from the hospital. Where has the time gone? I know that sounds so cliche, but it is the honest truth! Last night as I rocked Alara to sleep for the last time before her birthday I thought to myself - I don't have an infant anymore. 

Oh..the feels. Cue the tears. 

On Sabbath we had our family and friends come for a birthday lunch. I tried to have Alara nap before her party, however there was to much excitement in the air.  She slept for maybe 45 minutes. The night before Dadi and I decorated. However, I have to give Dadi most of the credit. She worked hard on the decorations and I love how everything turned out. 

The pictures were Dadi's idea. All I did was put them together and hang them up. The tutu surrounding Alara's chair was made from recycled tule from my wedding and my sister's bridal shower. Gotta love repurposing.  

The party was a huge success! A special thank-you goes to Dadi and Dada for opening their home for Alara's party. Thank you to everyone who baked, helped set up, clean up and came as guests. Having each and everyone of you there to celebrate made Alara's day even more special.

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