August 15, 2016

Arizona Road Trip Day #1

 After spending about four hours confined to the car we all needed to get out and stretch our legs! The Lewis Kingman Park in Kingman Arizona provided the perfect opportunity for rock pile creations, a picnic dinner and for burning off a little energy before continuing to our final destination in Flagstaff. So far the kiddos have done well. Alara slept most of the way through the desert. She did get fussy towards the end of the trip, but that is to be expected. I came prepared with snacks, toys, books and audio CD's - the VBS soundtrack and a kids Star Wars audio-book. Both are favorites of Lucas's. 

I'm making a mental note that for our next road trip I need to have more variety in kid's CD's. I have the Fruit of the Spirit song stuck in my head and The Empire Strikes Back memorized! 

There wasn't much to do or see in Kingman. Lots of train exhibits and trains. But since we live near train tracks that wasn't too interesting for the kiddos. Kingman does have one nice Starbucks, the world's smallest JCPenny, and the world's largest K-Mart. (These amazing facts presented to you may or may not be true...I've yet to confirm). 

Tomorrow we head to the Grand Canyon. 

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