August 16, 2016

Arizona Road Trip Day #2

I had a hard time narrowing down which pictures to post. The Grand Canyon National Park was gorgeous! The weather was perfect - partially cloudy with a high of 80something and a cool breeze gently moving about. The views were stunning. The air was clean. And the wildlife was abundant.  

We started at the visitors center and hiked the Rim Trail from Mather's Point to the Village. Then after lunch we picked up the trail again and hiked up to Maricopa Point where we boarded a shuttle bus to Hermit's Rest. As much as I wanted to hike the whole trail, the kiddos were getting tired and it was getting harder and harder to push the stroller on the uneven trails. However, even from the shuttle bus we were able to enjoy the stunning views of the Grand Canyon. 

To get back to the Village from the Hermit's Rest we took the shuttle. Alara was not a happy camper. It was seven miles of pure cranky, angry, hangry, fussy baby time. She was not happy. I avoided eye contact with everyone on that bus..including the driver...and I'm certain that several of the young childless couples sitting nearby suddenly decided that maybe kids weren't such a good idea. 


Once we got back to the car, both kiddos fell asleep and we were able to enjoy a quiet drive around the park. Our journey ended at the Watch Tower where we all got out and watched the start of the sunset (kids didn't want to sit still) before heading back to Flagstaff. 

Good way to end a long day. 

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