December 6, 2016

18 months

Alara @ 18 Months
  • She is a little monkey! Alara will attempt to climb anything and everything. She climbs in and out of her crib, up and down the playground equipment and all over our sofa. We haven't had any major spills yet - fingers crossed! She keeps me busy. 
  • She loves to talk. Alara's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. I love hearing her call Lucas "brother" and now she says "hug," "brush" (toothbrush) and "I luve you." 
  • She's an animal lover. Dogs at the park, birds in the sky and random stray cats never escape her notice. She gets so excited to see and play with animals. 
  • Alara is 24 pounds and 14.6 oz, and is 32 inches tall. 
  • She has been waking up in the night, and often early in the morning. I'm hopping after the newness of having her crib rail removed she will go back to sleeping though the night. 

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