November 30, 2013

Church Advent Calender

One year ago I had never heard of an Advent calender. Now I know too much about Advent calenders. For an example, the tradition of the Advent calender started in Germany in the 19th century as a way for people to count down the days until Christmas. A couple of weeks ago I agreed to create an Advent calender for our church's Sabbath school program. I did some research and decided to recreate a calender from The Land of Nod. Each day 1-24 has its own pocket. I made the pockets extra large because it was for a church program (church program + lots of kids = a need for large pockets). I'm happy with how this project turned out, and maybe...maybe...after I recover from the frustration of cutting and sewing 25 pockets I might make myself a calender for my family. :)

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