November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving with the Harrison's

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll. 

My mom has a Thanksgiving tradition where every year we write what we are thankful for on a table cloth. This tradition started long ago, and has continued to this day. As I sat down for Thanksgiving lunch, I saw my clumsy seven year old handwriting scrawling across the table. I was thankful for my dog Honey, my pony Bambie and for my family. Later, while indulging in a delicious slice of chocolate pie topped with a slice of pumpkin pie I read another entry on the table where I was thankful for new opportunities. This entry was dated November 2007. I was in college and I was having a rough year. So what am I thankful for now in 2013? 

I am thankful for my family. 
I am thankful for our home. 
I am thankful for our friends. 
I am thankful for our parents - who guide us with their wisdom. 

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