June 21, 2014

its officially summer

We kicked off the first official day of summer by going to Temecula's annual Street Painting and Art Festival. With over one hundred exhibitors the festival included displays by locals artists, arts and crafts for kids, live music and food vendors. The highlight of the festival was definitely the street painting. Everything is done on an asphalt "canvas" on Main Street and Town Square in Old Town Temecula.  Artists of all ages and talents are encouraged to participate and its free!

Top left - my mom
Top right - mine, and my Mom's
Bottom left - my cousin
Bottom right - my sister

Lucas and I chose to do one square. He did about one quarter of the square before becoming interested in the firetrucks driving around.

That's a boy for you.

Honestly, I really didn't mind finishing the square. How often do I have an excuses to sit on a Lightning McQueen towel in the middle of the street with a box of chalk coloring.

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