June 29, 2014

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

I enjoyed reading this book. In fact, I think I liked The Way of Kings better than Mistborn and Alloy of Law. The narrative focuses primarily on the three main protagonists; Shallan a penniless lighteyed noblewomen who wants to apprentice herself to a scholarly heretic, Kaladin a former darkeyed surgeon and soldier who is now a slave, and Daliar a highprince and uncle to the king. I'm assuming that eventually, these three characters will cross paths, however currently their story lines are separate. At times the pacing of The Way of Kings was slow. Sanderson included lots of history, philosophy, religion and different cultures in this book. However, since it is the first of a much longer series I will withhold my judgment until the end. For now I'm content to simply enjoy the story.

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