February 17, 2015

good by winter, hello spring

It's days like this where I feel blessed to live in Southern California. While so many families across the country are buried deep in snow here I am in shorts and a t-shirt enjoying a beautiful day at the San Diego Safari Park. Last summer our family was gifted with passes to the park. I've learned that its best to go early morning and during the week. It's less crowded during the week and the animals are more active during early mornings. The new Tiger exhibit is fantastic. It's one of our must do's at the park. The boys love climbing around on the playgroup equipment at the Logging camp, and seeing the tigers up close in their new exhibits. 

Though there wasn't much animal activity on our trip, it was still a fun day. I enjoyed wandering through the trails, soaking up the warm sun and watching animals snooze. 

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