April 6, 2015

our little egg baron...

I've renamed Lucas as the Easter Egg Baron. This is the first Easter where he was actually into participating in the egg hunt. We started with one small basket, and about half way through the hunt had to switch to a fireman's hat that I found. I think he found the most eggs out of everyone. Thankfully, most of those eggs were plastic...I really wasn't looking forward to bringing home several dozen real eggs. I hate egg salad sandwiches. 

Now if only I could get him to cheerfully hunt for this missing toys, shoes, socks, pants and other "lost" items we'd be set! 

This muddy picture makes me smile. Years ago, my Mom took a similar picture of my sisters and I in the same spot planting our Easter flowers. However, we were wearing light and flowery Easter dresses, and there was less mud. 

A few weeks before the Easter party, my Mom called asking for recipes for making baking soda volcanoes. I remember thinking "what do volcanoes have to do with Easter?" Is this a new trend in Easter celebrations?  Apparently, during a lesson about the letter V, one of the boys asked my Mom what a volcano was. This led to the idea of making oozy, muddy boy friendly volcanoes at our Easter party. I gotta give my Mom credit for diving in with four muddy boys. 

Boys + mud = fun! 

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