June 30, 2015

the challenges of sewing with a toddler and a baby..

I thought that I'd attempt a simple sewing project this week. Something easy and quick that I could finish in an afternoon. However, with a toddler wanting to "help" sew, and a fussy baby my simple afternoon project turned into a week long ordeal. 

Meet my adorable little helpers. Aren't they cute? 

I've been wanting to refresh Lucas's favorite pillow for months now. This pillow serves many purposes - sleeping, playing, a bunker to hide behind, a landing strip for airplanes and at times tossing practice. The original fabric was worn out and needed to be replaced, but the pillow itself was in good condition. I wanted something bright and fun for him. So, on Monday I bravely loaded up my car and took both kids to the fabric store. Luckily it was a quick trip...you never know how long it will take at the fabric store. Between finding the right fabric, having it cut and checking out...a quick trip can easily turn into something else. And is it me or are the lines at Joann's always slow? 

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