June 16, 2015

I did something this morning that said that I'd never do...

...rescue kittens...

I'm not a cat person. Growing up we had several indoor house cats. That experience cured me of ever wanting a cat for my own. I don't like the smell of cats, kitty litter, kitty food and or claw marks on furniture!

While walking this morning, Lucas and I heard tiny pitiful mewing sounds coming from an orange tree that we were passing by. Looking up, I saw two kittens about six to eight weeks old clinging to the thin branches of the tree. As much as I don't like cats, I couldn't leave the kittens. I stopped the stroller, reached up in the tree and pulled the kittens free. Lucas was thrilled to be rescuing kittens! He firmly believes that firefighters have two jobs - to fight fires and to rescue kittens.

As the kittens follow us home all I could think about was...

"What am I doing!?"
"What is Richard going to say"
"Am I crazy?"
"I wonder if my sister will want some kittens?"

Now I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do with two adorable kittens. Our neighbor gave me a list of places that might shelter the kittens. However, currently they have made my backyard their home. Our dog is curious, but cautious. Full size cats scare him.

I'm hoping my post on facebook will entice a kitty friendly family or individual  to adopt the kittens.

Any takers? They are cuties! 

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