August 17, 2015

beach trip

Before I had kids packing for the beach was a piece of cake. My needs were simple..a compfy blanket, snacks, shade, a book and a butt-load of SPF 50+ sunscreen. Add a toddler and newborn to the mix and suddenly things got more complicated. I have a perpetual fear of forgetting to pack something important and or necessary for a family beach trip. I tend to over stress, over think..and I usually forget sunscreen.

To keep myself sane, and able to enjoy the day I knew that I had to get organized and implement a better system for getting everything ready for the day.

Here's what I came up with:

  • Pack and prepare the gear and lunches the day/evening before our trip. This cuts down on the"things-mamma-has-to-do" in the morning before we leave list. 
  • I will put everything on the dinning room table, or just outside of the front door. This way my husband can easily scoop up what is going and whisk it away to the car with little interference from our toddler. It makes things so much easier for him if all I have to do is say.."pack the car with these items on the table."
  • I love lists! I created a list of everything that needs to be packed/prepared for our day trip. Having a physical list where I can check off items that have been packed, prepared and put in the car helps me keep on top of everything. And I know that if I need too I can hand over my list to my husband and he can continue where I left off. 
By using this system our summer beach trips have been less intimidating. It's great to know that I've got everything covered and I can relax and enjoy the day. 

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