December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas!

This holiday season has flown by! Every year I try and stay organized, to get as much done ahead of time as possible so I can relax and enjoy the season. However, once again I find myself scrambling to finish the baking, wrap the presents, get everyone dressed and ready for the family parties..and somehow keep my sanity!

I love Christmas...but I'm glad that it only comes once a year.

We kicked off the Christmas festivities at my parents house. Growing up Christmas was a big deal. My mom would start shopping months in advanced. My parents didn't buy my sisters and I many toys or extra things during the year. Everything was saved for that one special morning. This year Lucas is finally old enough to be excited for Christmas. It was so much fun watching him and the boys tear through their gifts.

Christmas Eve is such a special time. This year we spent our Christmas Eve with my husband's family. It was such a fun party! Lucas enjoyed playing with his cousins, and Alara charmed everyone with an overdose of cuteness.

Christmas morning we stayed home. After two days of partying, it felt amazing to stay home and lounge around in our jammies eating brunch until noon. One thing I wish people had warned me about the holidays with kids is that everyone wants to see the kids...which means the days are long, the tantrums are hard and nights are short.

I am in love with this picture! Next years Christmas card??? 

We ended the Christmas festivities at my Grandma's house. The party was fun and it was great to see my cousins and their families. However, because this was the last party of the week, the kiddos were tired and cranky. Fun times. At least I did get one semi-decent family picture. 

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