March 6, 2016

Alara @ 9 months

Alara @ 9 month 
  • Alara loves spending time outside. She enjoys playing in our empty kiddy pool, cruising around in the X-wing ( a walker) and crawling in the grass. When Alara wants to go outside she will crawl over to the backdoor, stand and press her chubby hands hands against the glass  and will say "go." Its adorable. 
  • She is a foodie! Alara loves to eat and is willing to try anything I give her. This is a new experience for me. Older brother isn't interested in eating and or trying new foods. Alara wants to try everything I eat. 
  • She is trying to stand up on her own. Throughout the day I'll watch her let go of the couch and stand for a few seconds before plopping back down in a sitting position. 
  • She grew out of the infant bathtub. 
  • She is sleeping better and wakes up about once per night...and sometimes even will sleep through the night. 

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