April 11, 2017

Family Easter Party

I'm happy to be back posting here on this blog. 

On Sunday, my Mom hosted her annual family Easter party. In addition to the traditional egg hunt, she prepared a treasure hunt for each kid, bird house building for the boys and flower planting for Alara. All of these activities kept the kiddos busy! 

Both kids had a blast hunting for Easter eggs. Alara kept looking around saying "more..more" and I hardly saw Lucas except for when he ran past, his basket loaded with brightly colored eggs. 

I wish hunting for daily "lost" household items was this exciting. 

That afternoon, my Dad helped each kid build their bird house. The bird houses came as kits, so all the kids had to do was tack in the nails, glue and paint. Lucas chose to paint his bright teal blue. 

While the boys worked, Alara and Grandma planted pansy flowers. When I was little, my sisters and I would plant Easter pansies and petunias every year. It became traditional. Alara had a blast digging around in the rich potting soil, planting her flowers and then gently (Ahem...dumping) watering the them. 

Fingers crossed that the flowers live, and that birds will nest in the brightly painted house. 

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  1. Amazing Easter party!! I do love excellent idea of collecting eggs game for kids. Seems like they really enjoyed doing that. Last Easter I arranged a nice party at one of LA venue. It was hosted by my sister where she arranged few games which were fully enjoyed by everyone.