June 24, 2017

Aquarium of the Pacific and Harbor Cruise

Happy Sabbath.

This weekend Dadi and Dada treated the whole family with tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific and  a cruise around the Long Beach Harbor. The kids and I have never been to the Aquarium or have gone on a harbor cruise, so this was a new experience! The kiddos and I had a blast exploring the aquarium. Lucas's three favorite exhibits were the Tropical Reef Dive, Water Conversation Exhibit and the playground. Alara enjoyed the Clown Fish Exhibit ("Nemos") and the interactive tide pools where she got to touch jellyfish and horseshoe crabs.

We wrapped up our day with a cruise around the Long Beach Harbor. The tour was about 45 minutes, which is plenty long enough with small children. The wind was blowing hard, so the kiddos ended up downstairs with the boys and Dada. Dadi and I stayed up top and enjoyed an afternoon at sea. The tour explored Long Beach's coastline, sailed past napping sea lions, the Queen Mary, a cruise ship, lots of cargo ships and several oil islands.

I'd love to return to the aquarium...  although on a less crowded and cooler day.  I felt like there was more to see and do. 😊

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