June 12, 2017

our summer to do list

This year we don't plan on allowing summer to pass without a few family adventures. This will be Lucas's last summer before kindergarten and Alara is now big enough to go on adventures. My husband and I agreed that this summer we would stay local. However, staying local doesn't mean no fun! While "swimming" that other morning, the kids and I complied a list of fun things that we would like to do. 

I thought I'd share our list. 

Here is our list of summer adventures.

  • Take the train to the beach 
  • Family trip to the San Diego Safari Park/Zoo 
  • Day trip to the mountains for fresh air and hiking
  • Try something new and unique to our local area 
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Go to a movie (this one is for Lucas since he has never been to a movie theater)
  • Make ice cream 
  • Go horseback riding at Grandma's house 
I'd love for more ideas - especially if it's local and or unique - let me know in the comments.  

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