March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day & A Conversation with Lucas

Driving to my parent's house can be wearisome for Lucas. He can usually get about half way before the boredom sets in and the fussing starts. On this particular trip, his biggest complaint was the lack of trains, fire hydrants and ambulances on the freeway. This lack of entertainment (apparently his stack of books and toy air planes weren't enough) resulted in the kicking of the front passenger's seat and squealing loudly. For the sake of my sanity (and my car seats), I asked Lucas to tell me what he wanted for his birthday and after much deliberation he responded by announcing "R2D2."

Alrighty then.

His answer to my "what do you want for your birthday" distraction question led to the following series of questions....and I found the answers highly amusing.

Me: Who's Mamma?

Lucas: Princess Leia!

Me: Who's Daddy?

Lucas: Darth Vader!

Me: Who's Dada?

Lucas: ...hmm...he's Obi-Wan.

Me: Who's Baba?

Lucas: Han Solo...hmm...probe droid.

Me: Who's Dadi?

Lucas: Aunt Beru.

Me: And who is Lucas?

Lucas: R2D2!

I'm impressed. Thanks to Daddy, this guy knows his Star Wars and at least Lucas thinks I'm Princess Leia instead of Chewbacca.

This discussion of Star Wars kept him entertained for the remainder of the journey and we arrived at my parent's with my sanity intact.

It wasn't until I noticed that all three of my brothers were wearing green that I realized that it was St. Patrick's Day. You would think that I would have noticed after all of the beautiful St. Patrick's Day pins on Pinterest and shamrock shakes plastered on the McDonald's billboards that something was up. 

Lucas had a blast playing at Grandma's house in the country, and I enjoyed kicking back in the shade. Much better than hiking around the Wild Animal Park in the warm sun. 

However, now I gotta find an R2D2 for Lucas's upcoming birthday. 

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