March 12, 2015

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

What a bunch of horrible and unlikable characters. I started this novel expecting a romantic love story.  Instead, I got an intense tale of hate, passion, and one man's commitment to a lifetime of revenge.

 The novel is narrated by Nelly Deans a long time family servant currently working at Thrushcross Grange.  I thought it was interesting that Bronte chose to narrate her novel through the eyes of Nelly instead of using an omnipresent narrator.  At times, I wondered about Nelly's intentions. Although she did not like Healthcliff (who would), Nelly's attempts to avoid him were weak at best. Perhaps I am reading into things, but at times Nelly seemed to be in love or at least in awe of Healthcliff.  She involved herself in his twisted life, and in the end moved back to Wuthering Heights.  

I was relieved that at the end of novel, Cathy and Hareton finally fall in love and are able to wed without Healthcliff's manipulative meddling.  Cathy and Hareton did not deserve Healthcliff's hate and I was glad for their happy ending. 

Although Wuthering Heights was not what I was expecting, I enjoyed this novel. A cautionary tale of a love gone wrong, and the damaging effects of what hate does to a person and to those they love. 

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