July 8, 2015

One Month

With the craziness of our 4th of July weekend I'm a little behind on posting Alara's one month pictures.  Monday, July 6th was one month exactly..so I'm only off by two days! Alara is modeling several newborn onesies that were designed by friends and family at her baby shower. I'm loving the designs on these decorated onesies! 

Anyways, here are a few highlights about her first month of life. 
  • At Alara's well baby check up she weighted 8 lbs 11.3 oz. The doctor gave her a clean bill of health and is looking forward to seeing her next month.   
  • She continues to sleep well (for a newborn) at night. She wakes up about three times during the night - once around 10 pm, and twice between the hours of 4 and 6 am to eat and then goes right back to sleep. During the day she enjoys one long nap in the morning and one long nap in the afternoon with several cat naps in-between. 
  • This girl likes to snuggle! Her two favorite places to fall asleep are on my chest or nestled in my arms.  Sometimes she gets all worked up for some reason, and when I go to pick her up she just lays her head on my shoulder, wide wake calming herself down. She needs to be close, hear my heartbeat and the feel warmth of my arms. I'm loving all the cuddles and snuggles. 
  • If she can't sleep with me, then Alara prefers to sleep in her bouncy chair in the pack in play. The bouncy chair provides security, and keeps her slightly upright which is great for when she spits up.  
  • She's a terrific eater and has outgrown several of her newborn onesies and sleepers. I'm already dressing her in 3 month clothing. 
  • She is wearing size one in diapers. 
  • She had her first beach trip on Sunday. Alara wasn't a fan of the heat or the sun, and preferred to relax in the shade under the umbrella. 
  • Her relationship with big brother is off to a great start. I think the two of them have secretly decided to get in sync with their meltdowns - especially during meals, naptime, bathtime and bedtime. 
It's been an adjustment caring for a newborn and a toddler, however I wouldn't trade it for anything. Please don't grow up to fast Alara,  Mamma's trying to enjoy every minute!

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