January 10, 2017

rainy day dress

This sweet little girl is 19 months old. She is growing up so fast and has quite the personality! She's talkative, loves to climb and enjoys keeping up with her brother. Some of my favorite things she currently says are "Tar Wars" for Star Wars, "Mgoose" for Mickey Mouse, and "Nack" for snack. At 19 months, she's already demonstrated signs of the terrible two's. Her tantrums can be intense! She is sleeping in a toddler bed, and often visits my room during the night. And as much as I love her snuggles, I'm hoping that she goes back to sleeping through the night.

 Alara is modeling a dress made by me. This dress was my first attempt to sew using knit fabric. About a year ago I tried sewing with stretchy knit and it was disastrous! However, after watching several videos and reading sewing blogs, I understood what went wrong and what I needed to do differently. This little red dress is the result of much research and trial and error. I used an old shirt that I bought in college. The shirt had a stain and was unwearable for an adult. However, there was plenty of undamaged fabric for a little girl's dress and it gave me an opportunity to practice without purchasing new fabric.

I'm happy with how this dress turned out however before I go out and buy knit fabric I think I'll need to practice a little more.

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